Harril Bowen Jr. was at CHI St. Vincent Infirmary for forty days,  twenty four of which were on a ventilator fighting once again fighting for his life, this time  COVID 19 Virus.

Litlle Rock, Ark. – On Saturday afternoon, a Vietnam Veteran packed the bags of his and headed home after battling for his life. The first on a freedom bird leaving Viet Nam. This time following the tough battle against COVID 19.

“For all of us to get to see him exit healthily out of this particular facility, it is an absolutely excellent day,” emotionally said Dr. Gerry Jones, Chief Medical Officer for St. Vincent Infirmary.

Stacy L. and ICU Nursing Supervisor at the facility, was one of many who took care of “Bobby” from the beginning of the fight of his to the joyous conclusion of the recovery.

“It’s been an absolutely emotional day for us as we have celebrated this and it is a genuine celebration all of us that have taken care of him and had the pleasure to know him ” she said.

The Veteran was admitted to CHI St. Vincent Infirmary at the end of March, Bobby was the hospital’s very first crucial coronavirus patient.

“We could identify symptoms in the beginning as well as by those signs, we actually helped build the plan of ours of care which we will do for these COVID 19 patients,” she said. “This individual left an everlasting effect on every person he met starting from the time he arrived.”

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“They consider this particular gentleman a part of the loved ones of theirs and therefore, they are content as they are able to be for him to go home today,” he said.

A brand new member of the St. Vincent family that, Lemieux said, maybe spotted from long distances away within the hospital’s walls.

“One factor about Bobby is you’d certainly not see him in the hallways of ours, in the hospital bed of his, without his Vietnam Veteran hat on,” she said.

This particular item of Bobby which brought him a band of brothers with a bond is unlike any other.

“As immediately as he can speak with us and speak with us, which was the very first thing he was asking about,” Lemieux said.

Bobby was curious just how the friends of his were in the motorcycle club of his while he battled through the illness.

Buddies as Bill Waller, whom he got to embrace at the finish line of the recovery. Waller described the moment as “relief.”

“He would do anything to assist anyone, therefore he is that sort of person and everyone that knows him personally knows he it a great man” he said.

Waller, has been by Bobby’s side from 1975 onward and was one of the only individuals he knew he will find on any given Saturday.

Upon his exit this survivor was welcomed on the reverse side of the hospital’s doors, with a line of heroes he called loved ones of his.

“We needed to do everything we are able to allow for him as well as the successful recovery of his of this terrible disease here,” Waller believed.