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“For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. ”

Robert Franklin Foley is a resigned US Army lieutenant general who fought in the Vietnam Conflict.

From Newton, Mass, he got the Medal of Honor for controlling his unit of the 25th Infantry Division, in an ambush on a solid foe position on 11/5/66. He was presented the Medal of Honor alongside Sergeant John Baker.

Traveling through the thick wilderness forest to help a unit un fire, A co experienced a solid adversary power involving all around disguised, strategic positions Foley’s Co quickly endured a few casualties.

Capt. Foley quickly ran forward to the area of the most serious activity to coordinate their next move. He sent a platoon on the flank, he drove the other two in an assault on the adversary under fire.

During this activity both RTO’s going with him were injured. At grave hazard to himself he challenged the adversary’s dangerous fire, and helped the injured men to a position where they could get to care.

As he pushed ahead again men was injured. Holding onto the weapon, he charged forward firing his weapon.

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Under progressively overwhelming adversary fire he requested his assistant to seek shelter and by himself, Foley kept pushing forward and discharging the assault rifle until the wounded had been cleared and the assault around there could be continued.

At the point when development on the other flank was ended by the foe’s over the top barrier, Capt. Foley moved to coordinate this period of the fight. Driving the restored exertion he was struck hard by the concussion of a nearby explosive.

Notwithstanding his agonizing injuries he refused to stop and continued on the assault on the foe. He drove the attack on a few adversary weapon emplacements and, without any assistance, obliterated 3 such positions.

His remarkable leadership under serious adversary fire during the wild fight which went on for a few hours, motivated his men to gallant endeavors and was instrumental in a definitive accomplishment of the battle.

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